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Spy photographers identified the next Audi S4 out for underground screening. Based on the Audi A4 that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the brand-new S4 assures much more efficiency than the previous design. While the front bumper remains unchanged a couple of subtle changes can be seen. Audi’s signature chrome side mirrors discovered on Audi S models are also absent. Compared to the A4, the new S4 has larger wheels and brakes, new side skirts and quad-exhaust. Powering the S4 will be a 354 horse power V8. Mechanically, the S4 is anticipated to be similar to the S5.The 2008 S4 has a base price of $48,610 which keeps it affordable to the upper middleclass efficiency lover and it is most likely the new S4 will be in the very same cost range.It has been reported that the new Audi S4 performs at 11.37 @ 122.43 Miles Per Hour at the drag strip. Looking more like a high-end car than a racing vehicle, the S4’s efficiency and power are tough to beat.¬† The new S4 is prepared for to obtain a small power boost to keep its rivals consisting of BMW at bay. In usual Audi style, the range-topping S-models are geared up with the Quattro 4×4 technology.We can eagerly anticipate seeing more of these 2 exciting automobiles as the U.S. debut gets better. For the most recent underground sports cars and trucks car news and to view the hottest drifting and cars and truck racing videos, join the Automobile Racing neighborhood. uses professionally produced wandering and cars and truck racing video functions, underground racing and news, new vehicle tests, automobile racing occasions and vehicle comparison races. GTChannel is a one stop place for breaking automobile racing news.

TRICKS REVEALED! Nissan GT-R Acceleration TechniqueNissan GT-R– The Secret Revealed

The production version of the Nissan GT-R debuted at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Program and was introduced in the Japanese market December 2007. The U.S. launch is set up for June 2008. Europe will be the third market for the GT-R, where it is anticipated to be introduced late 2008. Production will be held to about 1,000 automobiles monthly. Sony PlayStation’s “Gran Turismo (series)”Gran Turismo developers “Polyphony Digital”Polyphony Digital were involved in the development of the Nissan GT-R by creating the efficiency automobile’s multifunction screen. This powerful performance auto was a legend even before production started, thanks in part to this popular cars and truck racing video game.Underground automobile racing trials from Japan report that the 2009 Nissan GT-R boasts a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds with the aid of launch control, technological wizardry that Nissan has actually been keeping trick. It has an 11.7-second quarter mile with a 192 miles per hour top speed; a true performance cars and truck. The price, less than $70,000 for the base and Black Edition, makes it a reachable dream for the upper middleclass cars and truck racing lover. The larger-displacement 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 produces approximately 450 horsepower; and makes fo interesting automobile racing on drifting videos.Activation of the Nissan GT-R’s launch control refers configuring the transmission, dynamics control and damping changes properly. Then you pin the brake with your left foot and throttle with your right like the technique utilized to produce burnouts in those beast performance cars of byegone times. The results are rather various though. The GT-R’s computer system holds the engine at 4,500 rpm waiting for your foot to let off the brake pedal. When you do the GT-R accelerates faster than essentially any production efficiency car worldwide. It is equivalent to the Porsche 911 Turbo which strikes 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and blasts through the quarter-mile in 11.6 at 118.5 mph.

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